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Automation solution designed for business and verticals of all sizes whether it’s Finance & Accounting, HR/Payroll, Customer Service, or other domains, we do it all!

Companies like you leverage eAlliance’s smart automation to simplify their core business operations like procurement and cash application.

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You can access the following software robots during your 60 DAY FREE trial.

Automating the AP Invoice process provides big returns, along with freeing up your workforce for higher-value tasks. Improve quality and morale by streamlining AP.

Proactively reconcile your supplier’s statements, resolve errors on a timely basis, and eliminate hundreds of hours spent by your staff in responding to payment inquiries. Let eAlliance’s software robots automate the reconciliation process for Excel, PDF, and Paper statements and let the AP team manage the exceptions.

eAlliance’s Software Robots eliminate manual purchasing tasks such as supplier follow-ups on past-due purchase orders. Software robots periodically email open PO reports to suppliers and update the PO delivery dates based on the email responses.

Avoid customer invoicing errors and increase customer satisfaction. Let software robots enter invoices into your customers’ portals while leveraging data from your ERP and see the status of customer invoices. eAlliance’s Software Robots are already entering invoices into the leading portals such as Ariba, FieldGlass, etc.,

Automate matching bank deposits with remittance slips and closing invoices to eliminate the time-consuming and erroneous manual cash application process. Let eAlliance’s robots download lockbox and bank statements from bank portals, extract remittance data from multiple formats, including checks, emails, and customer web portals and automate deduction coding. Software robots also help identify short payments, deductions, and split payments with minimal human effort.

Automate the Bank Statement Reconciliation process

eAlliance’s Software Robots save a considerable amount of human effort and the use of qualified accounting professionals time by downloading and compiling the data multiple times before the entire closing activity is completed. The bots download ledger data, create pivots, and summarize in a pre-defined format. Software Robots will improve the quality of the data, bring time efficiencies, reduce data errors, reduce the closing cycle times and improve the quality of life for the accounting team.

Reduce or eliminate manual effort and time entering Journal Entries in the system. Let eAlliance’s software robots monitor Outlook Inbox and pick up journal entry information, extract, validate and log into your financial accounting system and upload the Journal entries.

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