Automation Co-Development

Collaboration and training & education at it’s finest, not to
mention the reduced costs of developing your own automations.

eAlliance truly empowers their customers by providing an opportunity to work side by side with our skilled, experienced developers in creating your next automation. This is the ultimate form of automation training & education, because it is completely real world development, not classroom focused.

This is how we differ from other partners

eAlliance is currently engaged in automation co-development projects with a number of our customers. This service offering is an example of how eAlliance moves away from the traditional customer/vendor model, our goal being empowering you to do what we do, that is build your own automations, along with process selection and production deployment.

Selecting a process to automate requires analysis and fact finding, to ensure the process is well suited for automation and provides value. We teach you the right questions to ask, and how to do a Cost/Benefit Analysis.
Technical and business resources can now design and build their own automations, enabling developers and citizen developers to further their automation initiatives. Work side by side with our team for high impact.
Deployment is relatively easy as compared to designing and building, but there is an approach for deployment that ensures a smooth transition in rolling out the automation. Learn our best practices for production rollout.

Let us Co-Develop an Automation with your team