Automation Training & Education

Ramping up your team, both technical and business, ensuring
they have required automation skillsets.

eAlliance empowers their customers by providing advanced, hands-on automation training & education as part of our automation solutions. We rightsize this training & education to fit specific customer goals, enabling IT for advanced development and enabling the business to become Citizen Developers.

Empowering the business & IT community

We have assisted many of our customers in developing automation skills required to analyze, design, build and deploy automations on their own. Our typical model consists of eAlliance continuing to create high complexity automations while our customer automates low to medium complexity automations, creating a cost-effective partnership

Our RPA Platform partners provide a complete curriculum of online training and education along with a certification process. We guide you through the right courses to take to accomplish your goals.
eAlliance offers sessions in a number of areas of automation. In these sessions, we interactively walk our clients through code, infrastructure, and best practices, using their environment and their automations as subject areas.
Automation development tools for the business user enables low to medium complexity automations to be created without the help of IT. eAlliance trains and educates these business users to become true Citizen Developers.

Let us train & educate your team