Finance & Accounting

F&A processes consist of time consuming transactions, representing a golden opportunity for RPA, Machine Learning and Document Understanding. Automating these processes can be a force multiplier for your organization, representing labor cost savings, improved data integrity, and enabling your F&A to work on higher-value tasks.

Let automation empower your F&A team

We have assisted many customers in developing automated finance & accounting business processes. The benefits of automating these processes is substantial and more importantly, measurable, so you can see your ROI with these initiatives usually in twelve months or less.

Reconciliations of revenue, expenses and bank statements are time consuming, sometimes creating a bottleneck during the month end close. Automating these will lighten the work load for your team, along with impacting the bottom line.
Automation of both AR and AP invoices is becoming mainstream, improving data integrity, reducing time spent on tedious data entry and simply getting the job done quicker, benefiting your team, your customers, and your vendors.
Cash applications tend to be complex, with multiple payment types and the myriad ways your customers pay you. Applying the 80/20 rule is the optimal way to automate cash apps, letting your team handle the difficult exceptions.

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