DesktopRPA© for the Citizen Developer

Empower your business to access, build, manage and run automations.

DesktopRPA© is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) based solution from eAlliance that runs automated business processes on a business user’s computer using what is referred to as an “Attended Robot”.


With DesktopRPA©, the business is empowered to access, build, manage and run automations. This improves productivity and quality, reduces costs and frees up your business users.

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DesktopRPA© is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) loaded on a user’s desktop to assist with and automate some of the daily, weekly or monthly business activities for that user. The RPA software includes an Attended Robot along with other helpful automation software.

Running reports, entering transactions, looking up information, sending emails, all of these activities can now be automated, helping the user with productivity and quality, freeing them up for analysis, innovation and the mission critical human interactions in business.

»  Run reports
»  Enter transactions
»  Look up transactions
»  Send emails
»  and more…

What’s a citizen developer?

A Citizen Developer is a non-IT business user that can develop applications using low-code, no-code software tools. Citizen Developers are now key to organizations because of the unfulfilled demand for applications. An RPA Citizen Developer is a non-IT business user that can develop RPA automations without the help of IT.

DesktopRPA© for the Citizen Developer

DesktopRPA© for the Citizen Developer contains all the features and benefits of DesktopRPA© PLUS UiPath StudioX, a software development tool for non-IT users to build automations, along with a comprehensive training and education program.

Citizen Developer training and education is delivered in two formats, Instructor-led courses and self-paced online courses. In addition to that, this product also contains content for RPA Best Practices and a guide to a proven Automation Strategy for your enterprise.

The Benefits of DesktopRPA©

Companies do not hire employees to act like robots, and don’t want them to repeat the same task 20 times a day.

DesktopRPA© software takes the robot out of the employees and let them focus on more strategic and value-added tasks. Plus, your citizen developers will be able to create new, customized software in-house faster than you can hire a new employee.

Both DesktopRPA© and DesktopRPA© Citizen Developer save your business money in the longterm.

Automating your business process costs approximately one third of hiring a new employee. Even more, giving your employees the tools to build their development skills grows your team’s talent and cuts down on the cost of pricey expert developers.

One of the best investments you can make as a business organization is investing in your employees.

Whether you’re providing your employees with automation for their repetitive tasks, or software to develop their own applications, you’ll be empowering your employees with the tools they need to succeed.


of employees are interested in acquiring RPA skills


of office workers believe there are more opportunities for them to automate daily, monotonous tasks at work


of employees around the globe demand new skills training from their employers

Which one is right for my business?

DesktopRPA© is built to assist with tasks that can easily be automated, helping boost your productivity.

This product is able to run reports, enter transactions, perform research, send emails and more. Automating these rule-based tasks enables employees to focus on higher-value activities and translates to happier customers. If you’re ready to empower your business with automated tools, DesktopRPA© is right for you.

DesktopRPA© for the Citizen Developer allows your workforce to build their own automations.

This product will empower your workforce, giving them the technology, training and education they want, enabling them to build automations using RPA technology. This product also improves quality and productivity, along with reducing costs

Citizen Developer
One Custom Automation
Kickoff Meeting
Setup and Configuration
Help Desk & Support
Automation Strategy Guide
UiPath Attended Robot Named User (1 Year License)
UiPath – Citizen Developer Named User (1 Year License)
UiPath Academy Citizen Developer Courses
10 Hours of Instructor-Led RPA Training & Education
Project Management Institute (PMI) Citizen Developer Courses
RPA Best Practice Guide
ANNUAL PRICING $12,000per year $15,000per year
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