High Performance Automations

eAlliance provides full project lifecycle services for automating
your business processes. Whether it’s Finance & Accounting,
HR/Payroll, Customer Service, or other domains, we do it all!

eAlliance takes you from start to finish in automating your business processes. Our knowledge and experience in business and technology ensures a smooth transformation of a manual process to a stable automated process within a short, efficient timeline.

eAlliance delivers your automated process in 8 to 12 weeks

We help our customers with the selection process, providing a Cost / Benefit analysis to ensure the process to be automated meets the customers’ definition of success. We then approach the automation with a thorough, comprehensive approach to ensure that success.

Discovery consists of capturing all information related to the process to be automated, no detail is too small. The scope process locks down all variables to ensure success within the given timeline.
Requirements are gathered in an efficient yet thorough manner from the frontline users & subject matter experts. Design is a collaborative process working with the business to ensure an efficient.
Our certified developers build the automation based on Design using RPA and Machine Learning where appropriate, applying best practices to create a stable, efficient automated process.
Three forms of rigorous testing take place. Unit testing and integration testing is performed by our developers, user acceptance testing (UAT) is performed by frontline users and SMEs.
Our developers and infrastructure team carefully prepare the solution for the production environment, taking specific configuration and performance variables into consideration.
eAlliance provides support for all automations we create, along with an optional managed services agreement for those customers that prefer we maintain the infrastructure.

Let us automate one of your business processes