HR / Payroll

Keeping your workforce information real-time can be quite a challenge, especially with the multiple systems that contain key employee and payroll information. Automation can make a once demanding process streamlined, ensuring your workforce has everything they need to be a high performer.

Automating workforce data for performance & visibility

Your most prized assets are your employees, and improving the employee experience has become a more important priority than ever. Tracking key employee data can be improved considerably with automation, especially if you have multiple systems tracking HR and Payroll information.

Onboarding, new hires, offboarding, and termination processes are key functions tailor-made for automation. Keeping data real-time for your workforce, whether they are just beginning or retiring, automation is enabling HR departments to innovate.
Whether your workforce is 1099 or W2, automation can help with ensuring your workforce is compensated correctly while staying in compliance with all agencies, including calculations, filings and internal reporting.
Employee information resides in a number of systems in the average organization beyond HR and Payroll. Let automation perform integration of your employee information across procurement, finance, timekeeping, shop floor and service ticket systems.

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