Unlike the “sell” side of the business, organizations have complete control over the “buy” side. As organizations examine this more closely with spend analysis, tightening the belt initiatives, and procurement best practices, automation now plays a prominent role in getting spend under control and taking advantage of cost-saving opportunities.

Automating procurement for bottom line impact

We have worked with companies that have substantial SG&A initiatives, and we have helped them as they focus on that part of their profit / loss statement, using RPA and Machine Learning. We have also helped organizations as they analyze cost of goods sold improvements, along with ensuring they are negotiating the best possible terms with their suppliers by applying automation to best practices.

Automation can be applied in an efficient, cost saving manner to purchase order creation, maintenance, matching, and other functions. See our use cases below for examples of how RPA and Machine Learning have revolutionized the PO process.
Suppliers have tried their best to accommodate their customers by providing portals for self service. RPA can log in to these portals and perform high volume, manually intensive tasks just like your procurement team does today.
P-Card processing is time consuming, creating tedious work for your team on low ticket items. This task can be performed faster and with improved data integrity using RPA, freeing up your workforce for the more important procurement tasks.

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