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Machine Learning is not just Data Analytics. It is computer science that does billions of calculations instead of thousands using complex maths algorithms to produce results instantly when tuned correctly.

The huge challenge is finding a trusted advisor to help you navigate the projects while effectively leveraging your IT staff efficiently to create successes that come at a steady pace.

This is where e-Alliance comes to make it easier to build the Machine Learning algorithms for your organizational needs.

Join the world’s fastest growing companies to leverage Machine Learning Algorithms. Some of our customers

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Some real-time machine learning use case guides

Anomaly Detection

Explore the easiest way to find difficult data anomalies for a comprehensive view of your company’s data. Detect your anomaly accurately to improve efficiency.

Attribute Importance

Learn how data clustering and classification algorithms can help you find look alike customers based on your existing database.

Classification of customers

Assess your buyers’ behavior and patterns to predict your market demand accurately to improve business efficiency in a best possible way.

Clustering data

Explore how Machine Learning Algorithms help you create customer data clusters in a faster, better, and easier way with an improved efficiency.

Market Basket

Leverage powerful Machine Learning Algorithms to identify, label, classify, and cluster customer data to target your market efficiently.


Understand how Oracle Regression Algorithms allow you to create useful predictions for faster and better forecasts in a best possible way.

Time Series

Utilize Machine Learning to manage and secure your company’s database with less effort than before. Get your easy-to-use database now.

Find your customer clusters, similar customers and anomalies instantly!