Business Intelligence

I’m sure you’ve heard of “BI” by now, but how does that translate into a smart IT investment? Does it make your business more intelligent?  Well, not exactly, however it is aptly named!

Greater Business Insight Delivers Value. First, let’s explore some common reasons why an organization would be interested in implementing Business Intelligence into their IT structure.  More importantly, how Oracle’s Business Intelligence Standard Edition One (BISE1) can help your organization achieve maximum visibility on the pulse of the business…the bottom line.

  1. Ability to identify your best and worst selling products, most profitable customers and lowest-cost suppliers.
  2. Ability to see the “big picture” without a time consuming (and costly!) process of putting together your aggregate data from disparate spreadsheets.
  3. Business friendly tool with interactive interface.
  4. Pre-configured allowing ease of installation and rapid install to use time.
  5. Economy driven – special pricing is currently in effect to allow the SMB organizations access to such a powerful tool.
  6. Allows you to “think BIG, but start small.”

In today’s economy, many companies are looking closely at where they are spending their dollars.  Some are even looking at cutting or freezing their IT budgets.  Here at eAlliance, we would like to propose a solution to that budget freeze that not only will allow your organization to see a ROI, but also do it in such a way that does not break the budget.  IT does not have to be expensive!

Working with the right professionals is key to keeping the costs low.  Many organizations out there make big promises, but fail to deliver and the outcome of that ends up being increased charges that were not in the original bid package.  Our professional staff at eAlliance anticipates changes needing to be made and therefore we price our consultants accordingly to keep it affordable to the SMB owner.

Are your current reporting tools full of inconsistencies despite coming from the same data source?  Do they offer you fragmented views of information?  We invite you to explore the many benefits that BISE1 can offers to your organization.  At eAlliance our consultants can offer their experience and knowledge to help your organization decide if BI is the best use of your IT dollars. Please give us a call. We’d love an opportunity to speak with you or if you’d like to see a more hands on demonstration, we can schedule a webinar at your convenience to provide you with as much information as you need to assist in making this decision.




• Generate and publish reports
• Interactive dashboards for web



• Plan and implement portals
• Supports agile prototyping

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