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Business 2 Business, in today's world with companies operating in a global business environment, B2B integration is a pre-requisite for them to remain competitive.  They need to come out of their shell and interact with their suppliers, partners, and customers distributed throughout the world.  B2B integration enables a company to focus on its core competencies and offload other services to partners to gain efficiency and reduce cost.

Business processes that involve ERP and CRM systems often drive B2B integration requirements.  If your company has enterprise application modules for Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Procurement and/or Order Management they can often benefit by implementing B2B integration for purchase orders and invoices.  B2B integration is fundamentally about coordinating information among businesses and their information systems.

“I need an infrastructure that can integrate with my trading partners quickly.”

Enterprises interact with customers, suppliers, and trading partners in different ways. Many businesses use electronic data interchange (EDI) for business communication. Using this technology, business systems exchange structured messages using agreed upon message standards over private networks run by EDI service companies. Other businesses engage in collaborative arrangements with a variety of trading partners over the Internet. In these arrangements, trading partners need to link existing back-end applications, databases, and customers together so they can engage in real-time business transactions using a variety of business protocols.

eAlliance Corporation provides the next-generation infrastructure that enables this level of inter-enterprise integration. Providing a B2B integration framework for messaging, connectivity, and business protocols that businesses can use to develop collaborative arrangements with numerous trading partners over the Internet. eAlliance also enables businesses to integrate EDI environments.

The following sections describe the B2B integration functionality provided by eAlliance: - B2B Integration Framework - Integration with Business Processes - APIs and Logic Plug-Ins for B2B Application Development - Samples - EDI Integration Integrating transactions and business processes across enterprises is growing more complex. Your trading partners require connectivity options that range from legacy protocols to SOA-based web services. Many of them use different technology platforms — and have widely differing levels of integration capability.

You do business with more organizations than ever before. Globalization has only added to the muddle. Oracle B2B integration, implemented by eAlliance, gives EBS customers real value by providing small to medium sized manufacturing companies with a scalable EDI solution that automates trading partner interactions at a lower price than traditional EDI point solutions.





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