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Service Oriented Architecture

If you are like most business people, you have heard the newest "buzzwords", but if asked directly, you would have no idea what they meant. Service Oriented Architecture allows application to be integrated more easily by standardizing the way they exchange data. Software Providers, like Oracle, continue to introduce new applications to help their customers integrate their architecture and realize a significant return on investment (ROI).

Today, more and more companies are investing their technology budgets in business integration, particulary service related architecture. By the end of 2006, about half of all North American and European companies with 1,000 employees or more rolled out a project involving SOA.

The benefits of such projects, say I.T. executives, can be multifold-from reducing personnel hours to saving on hardware and software purchases. You don't have to be a large or even medium sized company, small companies, too are integrating applications and processes across their enterprises to better interact with customers, suppliers and partners-and are realizing what a tremendous cost savings introducing this type of architecture is for their company.

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Fusion MiddleWare

Business is changing fast.  Leaders need to better manage performance in every area. Workers need to increase their productivity and more easily access information to do their jobs.  There is a rising need to preserve investments in existing systems and make choices that fit business requirements now and in the future.  Meanwhile, as the pace of business increases, so do the demands, complexity, and pressures customer’s face.  However, rethinking their IT strategy and retooling applications and infrastructure isn’t an option.  eAlliance consultants specialize in conceptualizing business practices and can determine how to best meet the high demands of the business environment with the best suited IT solution.

Middleware solutions provide the confidence in scalability, reliability, and ability to evolve needed to meet your needs.  The question is whom do you trust to provide it? Your best choice is Oracle—with Oracle Fusion Middleware on board and eAlliance by your side, we’d like to show you what makes us unique and has given us our proven track record.

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Electronic Data Interchange

Typically Invoices and other business documents are faxed or Emailed by vendors – the handling of which is a labor intensive and error-prone process. Through this approach, there is no visibility or consistency into interaction between parties. When there is a need to quickly scale to meet diverse partner requirements: EDI, XML and Excel, the manual process becomes overwhelming. To overcome this, companies automate the process to transmit EDI documents from a vendor as well as transmit EDI documents to customers. The benefit is that it becomes relatively quick to modify it to changing requirements, or to setup EDI document handling process for a new trading partner for the same document type. Without this automation in place, there will be a significant wastage of time and resources to perform new setups or modifications.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP is the acronym of Enterprise Resource Planning and the definition implies a conglomeration of multi-module applications software packages, which integrate activities of different functional departments. Confused?  Let’s break it down a little bit.

First off it is important to know that the term ERP entails not only the software aspects, but also an effective combination of business strategies, users and the hardware that is required to run the ERP software.  

eAlliance and Oracle have developed a program called XPressERP. It is a simple, low cost and complete Enterprise Resource Planning solution for smaller and medium sized companies utilizing the Oracle 11i e-Business Suite of Enterprise Applications.

The XPressERP allows you to tailor you solution to your specific business, increasing efficiency and allowing easy access to critical business information.

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Business Intelligence

I’m sure you’ve heard of “BI” by now, but how does that translate into a smart IT investment? Does it make your business more intelligent?  Well, not exactly, however it is aptly named!

Greater Business Insight Delivers Value. First, let’s explore some common reasons why an organization would be interested in implementing Business Intelligence into their IT structure.  More importantly, how Oracle’s Business Intelligence Standard Edition One (BISE1) can help your organization achieve maximum visibility on the pulse of the business…the bottom line.

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Business 2 Business

Business 2 Business, in today's world with companies operating in a global business environment, B2B integration is a pre-requisite for them to remain competitive.  They need to come out of their shell and interact with their suppliers, partners, and customers distributed throughout the world.  B2B integration enables a company to focus on its core competencies and offload other services to partners to gain efficiency and reduce cost.

Business processes that involve ERP and CRM systems often drive B2B integration requirements.  If your company has enterprise application modules for Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Procurement and/or Order Management they can often benefit by implementing B2B integration for purchase orders and invoices.  B2B integration is fundamentally about coordinating information among businesses and their information systems.

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Business Process Execution Language

Business Process Execution Language, or as it is better known “BPEL” can greatly reduce an organizations maintenance costs and improve organizational flexibility, especially when combined with a Services-Oriented Approach.  Oracle’s BPEL Process Manager and Designer allows organizations to move from an object oriented way of managing business processes to a service oriented approach and services are becoming fundamental elements of application development.

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